WF Series Precise Colorimeter

  • WF30-16(for liquid,powder,pulp)
  • WF30-16(for liquid,powder,pulp)
  • WF30-16(for liquid,powder,pulp)
WF30-16(for liquid,powder,pulp)WF30-16(for liquid,powder,pulp)WF30-16(for liquid,powder,pulp)

WF30-16(for liquid,powder,pulp)

  • 1. it can be applicable in textile, printing and dyeing, clothing, footwear, leather, chemicals, plastics, film, pigments, paints, inks, metal, photography, toys, etc;
  • 2. Contain light way:SCI SCE
  • 3. The colorimeter using the new import key components, carefully designed, with accuracy and stability, simple operation, easy to learn, affordable
  • 4. Test textured object, pitting, or the measured surface grainy relatively strong or relatively large size of the measured object
  • Product description: Precision colorimeter WF30 is based on the International Commission on Illumination CIE relevant standards, national standards developed and produced through the National Measurement SCM certified pro

16mm caliber is applied on special measurements, such as the textured object, pitting, grainy surface or relatively large size, and soft analyte.

Model WF30
Color Difference Formula △E*ab
Illumination Condition CIE Recommendation:8/d
Light Source LED blue excitation
Sensor Photodiode array
Measurement Caliber φ4mm/φ8mm/φ16mm Alternative
Measurement Condition Observer:CIE 10° Standard observer
Light source: D50 D65 F11(TL84)
Contain light way:SCI SCE
Measurement Range L: 0 to 100
Repeated Accuracy △E<0.05 (take the deviation average after 30 times measuring the whiteboard)
Table Difference △E<0.2
Measurement Interval 0.5 Sec.
Storage Capacity Type sample data : 100 with testing sample data: 200
Language Patterns English/Simplified Chinese
Battery Charging Time 8 hrs
Battery Li-ion battery, 5000 times Measurement
Lifetime of Bulb 5 years more than 1.6 million measurements
Display Screen TFT true color 2.8inch@(16:9) Resolution ratio:400x240
Interface of External USB2.0 (USB-B型)- data communication with 《color analysis system》software RS-232 (115200bps)- connected with micro printer
Working Temperature Range 0℃-40℃(32℉-104℉)
Storage Temperature Range -20℃-50℃(-4℉-122℉)
Humidity Range Relative humidity less than 85%,without condensation
Weight 700g
Size 199*68*90mm
Size of Exterior Package 400*240*340mm
Standard Accessories 3000mAH Li-ion battery/AC adapter/USB Data line/CD《Color analysis software》/Usermanual/Warranty card
Optional Accessories Flour measuring device/Liquid measuring device/Micro printer